Finding Joy In The Journey

The comforting phrase, "finding joy in the journey", is the testimony behind Candle Talk.

At 22, just graduating with my Bachelor of Social Work and moving towards a life I though I wanted, I was met with unhealed trauma that only made navigating life a little harder. Quite frankly, I didn't want to always feel low energy anymore. I found the desire to work through my childhood sexual trauma, heart break, and learning curves from everyday life with healthy coping skills. While in a place where I thought I had lost myself in anger, depression, and anxiety, I learned there's purpose in everything we experience in life. 

At the top of 2018, I moved to a new city and started a new life. I quickly understood physically getting up and going doesn't mean you leave your memories and feelings behind. I began looking for a hobby to cope through my own journey and prayed for a business that would connect others. Candles remind me of home when my mom would light them after cleaning the house, and are traditionally a beacon of literal and figurative light. Like many, candles signify memories, a sense of relaxation, and good smelling comfort. 

Pursuing the practice of Social Work allows me to understand and bring language to mental health and the healing process we all go through. I am passionate about learning and sharing what's needed to live a holistic life. Understanding we all have our own truths and heal in different ways, my creative passions sparked the interest to learn more about aromatherapy. I have been able to share my story and bring awareness to the importance and benefits of maintaining your mental health through Candle Talk. Though life has downs and experiences that some times puts us in a survival state, we must focus on the victories and continue to live through our journey. 

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