Healing is Personal and Communal

I embarked on my personal healing journey almost 6 years ago. I fell into a depression where I logically knew the factors impacting it were minute, yet the feelings I experienced were so big. Once I reached my rock bottom, I had a decision to make as to what was next.

I changed my course of direction and moved to a new city and state. Figuratively, I didn't know where I was going but I knew it was not where I needed to be.

I began to learn the terms describing my childhood experiences, daily feelings, and unlearning settlements and thought patterns keeping me from inner happiness and purpose.

As I continue to heal, I know I am breaking generational curses with the prayers and strength of my ancestors. 

Healing is a personal act and its purposed to actively pour into your community and those destined to cross paths with you.

I am continually motivated by the growth I have encountered and will continue to story tell and share my truths along the way. 

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